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"The king of the catch"

Artist / Songwriter / Consultant / Brand


D-Trait is a Denver born Rapper/Singer/Songwriter with Roots stemming from the US eastern seaboard. Known as one of the genre bending greats D-Trait has been the focal point of major publications like Denver voyager and 303 Magazine, both are nationally known, the latter of which being the largest Denver based magazine. Known best for his witty freestyles and performance charisma, D-Trait has performed at some of Denver, Colorado’s most iconic venues; such as The Pepsi Center (now ball arena) where the Denver nuggets play, the Bluebird Theater and Live @ Jacks to name a few. His style is best characterized by Strong lyrical craftsmanship, coupled with smooth r&b harmonies, wrapped in a polished and unique delivery . When he's not crooning or barring up a record D-Trait is also known as a prominent writer in his city, best known for his “bounce” a term used to describe his catchy cadence based and melodic style.


Live Performance Venues

Ball Arena (formerly known as The Pepsi Center), Denver Performing Arts Complex, Bluebird Theater , Summit Music hall, Live @ jacks, Ophelias electric soapbox, Syntax, Beta Night Club, Cold Crush, Your Moms House, The Black Box, City Hall(Now vinyl night club) , Vinue, Meadowlark, The 16th street mall (city approved) , Hermans Hideaway, The Soiled Dove and more! Click the picture below to watch live performances and recaps  


Creativity! - D-Trait is Mr. Idea.. Literally. Whether in the studio, in an office building or on a conference call.. you better believe D-Trait Will have the ideas and creative processes to turn nothing into something or to take an idea and elevate it to new heights. If D-Trait were a restaurant, creativity would be a specialty item, that house special that just isn't the same anywhere else.

Melody - "Great songs are built like homes.. they need a strong foundation that's your baseline. and framing. They need something aesthetically pleasing wrapped around that frame to get peoples attention.. your siding, the shutters, gutters, paint, light fixtures, the things that give the home its look... Those are your melodies"

-  D-Trait

Arranging - "Arranging a song is like Tetrus.. but even more fun. There is an art to it, some use science, some use an internal compass that guides them to their destinations.. you always know when it "just feels right" that is what I love most about arranging music.. taking something that "Sounds good" and making it FEEL GOOD!"  - D - Trait

Punchlines, Vocal Harmonies, Writing, Producing, Communication, Consulting .

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