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Brand / Artist / Songwriter / Consultant


A Denver, CO based cross genre Artist and

songwriter that specializes in Melody, Cadence & arrangement.  

I Always Fall on Her 

"I Always FALL on Her" - a project perfect for this time of year; sonically it mirrors the fall & winter seasons to perfection. Love, Lust, Excitment, Betrayal, Heart Break, are all on full display as D-Trait takes you on a beautiful journey chronicling the stages of a difficult break up. From "we keep running back to each other" to "you are truly amazing, how could I ever let you go" to "if you don't want me... just let me go"  perhaps his deepest work to date & with songs like "Hit Woman" his creativity is unmatched!- "This is ten minutes of your life you will be happy to spend again and again"



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The Executive.

D-Trait is a Denver born Rapper/Singer/Songwriter with Roots stemming from the US eastern seaboard. Known as one of the genre bending greats D-Trait has been the focal point of major publications like Denver voyager and 303 Magazine, both are nationally known, the latter of which being the largest Denver based magazine. Known best for his witty freestyles and performance charisma, D-Trait has performed at some of Denver, Colorado’s most iconic venues; such as The Pepsi Center (now ball arena) where the Denver Nuggets play, the Bluebird Theater and Live @ Jacks to name a few. Even lighting it up on stages At Emory University (Atlanta, GA) and in deep Ellum Dallas, Tx. His style is best characterized by Strong lyrical craftsmanship, coupled with smooth r&b harmonies, wrapped in a polished and unique delivery . When he's not crooning or barring up a record D-Trait is also known as a prominent writer in his city, best known for his “bounce” a term used to describe his catchy cadence based and melodic style.




The Designer

It is evident that what makes D-Trait special sonically is a combination of Talent And Craftsmanship, the kind of obsessive attention to detail that you'd find in an ESPN "Last Dance" documentary; That same passion is evident in his designs and follow through when it comes to his Fashion designs &  choices, Retail is Detail... and so is D-Trait.


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