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This Collaboration Between the QuaranTina & the D-Trait brand birthed something that looks truly amazing from every angle. A fashionable piece that is able to be worn in any setting it is a sure fire go to! whether dressing it up with a slack and shoe , having it be a pleasant surprise to onlookers when you remove your sports jacket or blazer, or worn casually with jeans and a sneaker. . compliments are frequent but One thing is guaranteed.. THE DRIP WILL BE APPARENT! 

D-Trait x QuaranTina Signature Logo zipper Tee

SKU: m
  • If washing at home please do so in cold water on gentle sycle, HANG DRY ONLY, do not allow to lay on self when wet, 

    If Dry Cleaning, Please do so with care, avoid direct contact with lettering. 

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